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About Me

A Passion For Skin Care

I am an esthetician specializing in facial skincare and waxing.  My treatments include chemical peels, LED/Ultra Sound therapy, high frequency treatments, dermabrasion, holistic facial massage, and a cutting edge oxygenation treatment called Geneo.  Regardless of your skin care needs, I'll develop a treatment plan at my spa that will work for you.

After a long career of sitting behind a desk, I decided to make a life-changing decision and pursue my passion for esthetics!  I love what I do, and achieve great satisfaction and pride in helping others achieve their beauty look and feel their best. 

I specialize in analyzing each person's specific skin condition and needs, and tailoring a treatment and maintenance plan perfect for that individual.  I'm a big believer in holistic skin care.

I look forward to meeting you, discussing your unique needs, and helping you feel your best!  Let's make that "after" picture one we are both proud of!  

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